The issues

A strong middle class is the backbone of a strong economy. We must ensure that affordability and quality of life initiatives are firmly embedded in all of our efforts. We promise to protect and support retirees on fixed incomes, childcare providers, nurses, teachers, students, aides, healthcare attendants, bus drivers, retail and service workers, cashiers, cooks, custodians, musicians and artists--the most important functional elements of our economic growth machine-- who foster the culture that makes Austin the fertile ground of creativity that enables technical minds to cultivate innovation. All residents be equitably permitted to share in the promise of Austin that we all still believe in Together, we will bring Relief, Access, and Opportunity to District 3!


Cost of living is too high, and District 3 residents need cost relief NOW.  We will implement policy that directly supports affordability so residents can stay in the neighborhoods we grew up in and in the communities where we work.  All residents must have access to:

  • Rent, Utilities, and Food assistance

  • Healthcare navigation and appointment setting

  • Counseling and Mental Health Support

  • Transportation to Health Appointments


District 3 residents deserve complete transparency and ease of communication with your City Council member and staff.  Our obligation is first to our resident constituents and local businesses—we will give voice to your concerns.  Amit’s calendar is and always will be publicly available so you know with whom your council member’s priorities are:

  • Residents always have a direct line to me (Spanish bilingual - no need for translation)  call me at 512.850.4636!

  • My calendar will always have a first priority of access for in-district residents, small businesses, and community-based organizations


Too many Austinites have been left behind. Cost of living is increasing 10 TIMES as fast as wages. Growth MUST be tied to opportunity to raise quality of life for all Austinites. We believe increased local revenue means local residents should have access to:

  • Pre-K and High Quality Childcare

  • Strong public school programming (after school, extracurricular activities)

  • Adult Education (GED, Job Skills, Training, ESL)

  • Financial and Credit Counseling

  • Transportation Support (Rideshare and Bus vouchers)