Video by ATXN : Candidate Profile

I know you're all getting out to vote for Beto. I endorse him 100%. And I applaud Texas in setting our historic voting registration record. I look forward to surfing this blue wave with you.

I'm also proud to see us fulfilling our civic duty, scrolling down the ballot and making sure our voices are heard by voting in our municipal elections, and supporting propositions A through G, bringing much needed funding for infrastructure and affordability support…

I've spent the last two decades being aggressive and innovative to improve our community by leveraging systems and coalitions. You can trust I’ll do so for the next term.

I support our Mayor in his stewardship of Austin into its adulthood as we approach the top ten largest cities in the country. It's his job to move the city forward, and I believe it's the council members' duty to make sure none of us are left behind. To honor our past while positively channeling the inevitable growth that's our present and future. My values, skills, and experience will drive me to bring Relief, Access, and Opportunity to District 3.


Don't Skip the last Step--SCROLL DOWN ATX! Vote on Propositions A through G for a more inclusive Austin!

La importancia de salir y votar por BETO. No perdamos esta oportunidad histórica de proteger nuestros derechos!

Watch my interview with FOX 7 Austin. We can move forward together, away from establishment politics, family feuds, and especially away from special interests.
Video by: FOX 7 Austin

Forum hosted by Music Moves Austin. Questions about Agent of Change and EDI initiatives to music our music industry forward.

Opening statement from the Austin Chamber and Open Voice forum for District 3.

At the Southwest Key Programs forum on October 18, 2018. Why are we running? What if we don't win? Check out my answers.

Austin City Council District 1 & 3 Candidates Forum hosted by Huston-Tillotson University. Sponsors included 350-Austin, Solar Austin, Shades of Green Radio and Earth Day Austin.
Video by: Al Braden

Closing Statement at the Austin Chambers Forum.
”If affordability is unreachable, we need to raise the floor"

Amit at One-2-One Bar, thank you Atash for providing a wonderful setting.
Thank you to the community, we can do this together!