meet amit


Over 20 Years Innovation and Service to Austin and our Communities:

Currently Serving as: Chief Information Officer at United Way for Greater Austin

Former Director of Education and Social Services, El Buen Samaritano

Former GED Instructor at Lifeworks Austin

Former Chief Technology Officer and Startup Member at CTK (CTK/Social Solutions)

Austin is a great place to live...but not for everyone.  I’m sensitive to the story of economic struggle because I’ve lived it, and I’ve worked alongside and continue to hear the stories of hundreds of individuals and families in Austin who share with me their continued struggles with economic insecurity and affordability.  The margin of error is slimmer than ever--so many of us are just one small crisis away from eviction, foreclosure--or homelessness.

The discussion coming from District 3 must shift to immediate relief for households whose incomes are much lower than what the skewed median of Austin represents.  People and families, retirees on fixed incomes, who were born and have lived here all their lives deserve the right to stay in the neighborhoods where they were raised. Educators, healthcare and social workers, artists, musicians, service and retail staff deserve the right to live in and near the communities they enrich. It is our moral imperative to be far more aggressive--and creative--in stopping the suburbanization of poverty and restoring quality of life for ALL Austinites.

I’ve spent the last two decades being aggressive and innovative to increase access to education and human services by improving systems and building coalitions.  I ask that you join me by sharing your experiences, ideas, solutions, and most importantly, your vote so that together we may bring Relief, Access, and Opportunity to District 3.

Thank You.